Team Management

Team owners and community managers can manage teams. Create a list of your team members including stats, live indicators, and manage team sponsorships and revenue.

Community Support

Creating the right relationships between advertisers and influencers increases the chances of success for everyone. Get support from your community with a customizable store page.


Data is core to making great decisions and we track everything we can while increasing signal and decreasing noise.


With great data comes great responsibility. We work with our clients to make effective and actionable decisions.

Bottlespark is focused on the relationships required to make you successful.

We are streamers and content creators and we know what you need to make your stream successful and make money.

From managing teams to managing advertisers and sponsors, Bottlespark has the tools, knowledge, and resources to help you succeed. Team owners, community managers, and content creators will all benefit from a Bottlespark membership.

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Travis Shreffler

Travis Shreffler

Founder / Chief Experience Officer

Travis is a streamer, Twitter and news junkie, and is always on #brand

Scott Jangro

Scott Jangro

Founder / Chief Operations Officer