AdBlock and its Effects on Content Creators

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The Downside of AdBlock for Content Creators

AdBlock made it’s debut in 2002. It hid image ads based on user defined filters. From then on, it’s evolved into an extension for almost every browser. An estimated 236 million devices are currently running it.

AdBlock has become an essential part of browsing for many people. It helps filter out “invasive advertising” that can be distracting from your internet experience. However, most sites no longer use the annoying, invasive advertising tactics that they used to 10 years ago.

Does AdBlock Harm Content?

Many sites have even taken steps to alert people using AdBlock that it hurts the site. Ads are often a smaller site’s main, if not only source of income. Ad revenue funds not only smaller sites and blogs, but larger well known sites, as well. Twitch allows their partnered streamers to receive ad revenue, based on how many people are watching the ads on the channel.

When you have AdBlock running, it takes that income away from the site and the individuals. Any site that doesn’t have a paywall is usually run off of ad revenue, much like network television, which is funded by the commercials shown during programs. Take cooking blogs, for instance. The content being produced set the blogger back, financially. unless a post is sponsored. Allowing the ads to show on their page, helps to ensure they can continue producing content.

Partnered Twitch streamers are also in this position. Ad free viewing is one of the main perks of subscribing. Partners can run ads on their channel. They share the revenue, based off of the number of viewers, with Twitch.

In addition to video ads, influencers have affiliate relationships with advertisers where if you click a link and purchase through the advertiser, the influencer gets a percentage of that sale, or a bounty. Adblocking stops the tracking that’s required to give the influencer credit for sales that they refer.

White-listing your favorite content creators pages helps them continue creating content. Every ad you allow, allows them to earn an income.

Further, you might temporarily disable adblock software when making a purchase through an influencer’s affiliate link allowing them to get credit. It can be difficult to know when that’s happening, which is why when you click through one of these links that goes through the Bottlespark platform, we’ll alert you to this. This is to raise awareness to the effects of adblocking and to give the opportunity for the visitor to make a choice.

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