Bottlespark for Advertisers

At Bottlespark, we represent over 1,000 influencers representing 4,500+ years of watch time per month. These influencers are primarily and Mixer streamers, and also include personalities on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other social and media channels.

This is a great opportunity to get your brand in front of an audience that is predominantly male (80%) aged 18-35 (55%). There are over 15 million active daily viewers and over 3 million broadcasters, so the audience is enormous even for the female demographic.

We’d love to help you understand and reach this channel.

You can go directly to a top streamer on Twitch and pay tens of thousands of dollars (to upward of a million dollars) a day to reach their tens of thousands of live viewers in a single stream. Their audience is enormous which is great for eyeballs, but the streamer cannot possibly engage with an audience of that size.

Millions of small to medium sized influencers on the other hand broadcast every day to a collective audience that’s way larger than any single broadcaster can reach. And they are able to engage with their audience, know them by name, and interact constantly.

These are the influencers who can truly deliver your brand in a personal way, over an extended period of time, not just a flash in the pan.

However, managing a large number of influencers is extremely difficult. Finding and keeping track of contact information, content creation, metrics, compliance, and payments across multiple content creation platforms can be a nightmare and expensive when managed internally. We’ve built technology to solve these problems.

Influencers are unique in that they offer both branding visibility and measurable performance based advertising. As a result, we look for hybrid advertising structures where we can reward influencers for both the branding exposure they offer (Impression-based and Product placement) and the conversions they can produce (CPC and CPA).

We can do a mix of any of the following promotional methods and we will put together custom influencer placement and management packages based on your vertical and the relevance of each influencer. We provide complete transparency to the influencers and their traffic.

Display-Based Placement

We accept sponsorships for placement on a per viewer-minute (watch time) model and per view model. Streaming is unique in that influencers broadcast to captive audience for hours at a time while they play a game or stream projects.

Our technology platform allows you to blind-bid for placement on influencers’ streams. For winning bids, we will put together custom influencer placement packages based on your vertical and the relevance of each individual.

The suggested bid changes up and down regularly, so be sure to ask us what the current suggested bid is before making one.

Placement generally includes  persistent display on screen overlay, advertising panel(s), and chat bot mentions every 60 minutes. This provides for consistent and prominent branding exposure. These terms can be defined on a per-offer basis.

We will provide a list of influencers where your branding will be placed for your review and approval. Influencers must also approve the insertion order to be included.

We’ve written a blog post detailing placements and examples here:

Our Insertion Order process is bid-based. We can do insertion orders that lock into 1, 3, 6, or 12 months term, which locks in the rate for that period and prevents being outbid.

Watch Time (Viewer Minutes)

A single influencer generally represents between 20 days (very small) and 100+ years (very large) average watch time per month. Our current typical suggested starting bid is $0.0005 per viewer minute. To put that in perspective, at that cost, a small influencer with 20 days of watch time per month would cost $28.80 and a large influencer with 100 years of watch time per month would be $52,560.00 per insertion order.

Views (CPM)

In 30 days, a streamer can generate from 250 views (very small) to 8 million views (very large). Our current typical suggested starting bid is $12.50 per thousand views. Doing the math, that is $3.12 per month for  very small streamers and $100,000 per month for very large streamers.

We can put together a display-based package to match your budget by finding the right number and size of influencers to meet your goals.

Performance-Based Placement

We offer CPC and CPA placement in addition to impression-based placement.

Example rates include $0.10 per click, and 10% per sale or $10 per action. This varies significantly based on the product, campaign goals, and industry. We can help you set these numbers if you don’t already have them in place. There is a balance between cost and interest generated with influencers.

Performance opportunities are in the form of links from the stream chat, banners and links in the streamer’s Twitch page prompted by in-stream promotion and mentions.

These channels require a tracking solution and we can provide this solution through our own Bottlespark Track or you can use a third party that we are integrated with such as (and not limited to) ShareASale, Commission Junction, LinkConnector, and Performance Horizon Group. If you’re interested in Track, feel free to request more information.

Sponsored Product

Depending on the advertiser, it may make sense to provide review or sample product for the influencers to educate themselves with and even use in content. This can be in the form of product to keep and/or consume, or product that may be returned after a review period. We can handle interest generation and address collection (if needed).

While there’s no requirement to promote the product, as the influencers are learning about it, influencers may talk about your product on their streams.


We send out a monthly subscription box to our influencers full of advertiser products. This is a great way to get featured on an unboxing stream and to get product into the hands of influencers quickly and easily.

For more info on the Sparkbox, click here.


Aside from Sparkbox, the most common way to deal with distribution of a product is a single use coupon code customized to each influencer so that they can purchase the product through your platform as a typical customer would.

We can also provide you with a list of addresses to ship product to, bypassing your ecommerce platform. If you use this method, you need to provide us with tracking numbers to provide to the influencers involved.

Display and Tracking Technology

Our display ads are browser source based and run inside the stream, so they’re immune to Ad-Block.

Analytics are generated for watch time, views, clicks, and conversions where information is available.

Common Questions we Ask

  • What products are being promoted?
  • Are you willing to work with influencers internationally (keep in mind that even if the influencer is international, much of their audience may still be in the US)?
  • Are you willing to ship internationally?
  • If you are willing to ship internationally, are there any limitations on the countries they can ship to.
  • How many influencers are you looking to send samples to?
  • Are there any criteria you would like us to meet for said influencers we work with (this is something we can help with if we know the cost and type of product)? Keep in mind that larger influencers may decline without some sort of cash incentive.
  • Do you have suggested talking points we can share with the streamers?

Compliance & Payments

We will handle FTC compliance, making sure ads, panels, commands, and timers are all running smoothly. This means you know you’re getting what you pay for because influencers won’t be paid until they pass compliance checks. The entire influencer payment process is managed for you as well. This means we’ll also handle 1099’s as well since we’re they payer of record. This is similar to how MCN’s (Multi-Channel Networks) work.


Part of connecting with influencers is keeping tabs on your own team of influencers, understanding their metrics individually, and as a whole. We have created Bottlespark Teams to do this in one place. The Bottlespark Teams product allows you to invite your influencer team members (eSports team, partners, affiliates, etc.) to participate in a team page where you can view their metrics and see when they’re live. This is a new product which is currently priced at $0.50/member per month, minimum of $10 per month.

Influencer Research

Bottlespark will manage the data collection and report generation for an influencer research campaign. Typically this is provided as an add-on to doing sponsored product. A Research campaign will provide you with valuable feedback from the influencers as well as their viewers. Feedback can range from efficacy of the product itself to branding and brand image to supporting marketing collateral.

Management fee: $10 per influencer, minimum $500 plus any shipping fees required (if not shipped directly from the Advertiser). This fee may vary depending on the specifics of the product and any shipping fees.

Clip Contests

We can create and manage a clip contest amongst influencers that have any type of insertion order you place. There is a management fee equal to the prize pool. The suggested prize pool is $0.50 per entry and the suggested number of entries per influencer is 10 per month. As an example, an insertion order for 50 influencers, with 10 entries each would be $500. $250 would go to the prize pool and $250 would be the management fee.

The value of a clip contest is two fold. One, you can see the influencers advertising your brand directly. Two, you are incentivizing them to promote your product as well as they can for you during the insertion order. Effectively, based on our suggested contest prize model, you’re getting an ~30s spot for $1.00. In comparison, the average price of a midroll on YouTube is $3.00 network wide.

Examples of Clips

These clips aren’t all winners of a clip contest. Some are very poorly done and some are very well done. We chose to provide as wide a range as possible from previous submissions to set expectations.

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