Bottlespark Teams

As a stream team owner or community manager, you’ve got a lot to manage. Pulling together metrics on your team members every time you need to review revenue, build pitch deck, or just see how the team is performing can take a day of digging through multiple websites and spreadsheets. Promoting your team to advertisers is made difficult by ever-changing team lists and metrics as well as creating pitch and web pages.

All of this can be done automatically with Bottlespark Teams!

Bottlespark Teams is an analytics and CRM platform that helps you track your teams and their streaming and social media metrics.

Right now, there aren’t many places that allow you to aggregate data from across multiple platforms. We’ve been doing that internally for a while and figured we’d let people get their hands on it too.

With Bottlespark Teams, you’ll be able to track metrics from Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Twitter, and some Facebook metrics (more coming soon). The data will be presented for both the individuals in the team and the team as a whole. This will help stream teams work with sponsors and provide real data on how they performed for advertising campaigns that come from both Bottlespark and ones you make yourself.


Create your own team page on Bottlespark

  • Each team page has a private team view.
  • Private page includes individual team members viewer minutes and live status for easy monitoring and management.

Invite team members to participate

  • Easy access to their metrics, revenue, and contact information.
  • Team members can view the page
  • Invite individual users as team page admins

Manage sponsorships and performance marketing campaigns.

  • Choose advertisers from Bottlespark’s network which can be promoted on the team page or by individual team-members to the benefit of the team.

Get Early Access to Development

  • Our early team owners will get priority and full input into features and development

Coming soonTM

  • Store Pages: If you’ve logged in to your Bottlespark account, you’ll see a long list of offers, mostly affiliate offers. Teams will be able to have store pages that their community can use and allow the team to make more money just by shopping as normal. By making a store page, you’re able to let people support you on hundreds of sites on the internet without having to go out of your way to advertise each and every one directly
  • Ability to upload and track campaigns outside of the deals you join from Bottlespark
  • Create reports for campaigns with one click or even give your sponsorship contacts direct access to real-time metrics
  • Create media kits with numbers that are accurate with up to the minute information with just one click
  • Much, much more to come


Currently, Bottlespark Teams costs $10 a month per team, which is an introductory offer. As each of those features gets released, then we will be raising the price. However, if you get in now, we’ll honor your price for as long as you keep it. So even when we’re charging $100+ a month, you’ll still pay $10. Realistically, we want the Teams feature to cost a fraction of the money that the feature will help make you.

To get started, log in to your Bottlespark account or register if you don’t have one already and click on the Teams button on the left hand side. Once you set your team up and invite your members, let us know if there’s ANY metrics you want to be able to see or features we need to add. We want your feedback to equip you with everything you need.