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Brand Promotion

Brand Promotion may seem daunting, but there’s no need to fear. Here are some great ways for influencers to easily, and effectively advertise.

Live Interaction

Easily, the best way to talk about a brand, is to do just that: talk about it. For influencers who stream online, this means bringing up advertisers during the course of conversation. Having no hesitation when talking about the brand leaves a strong, and lasting impression. Ideally, you’ve partnered with brands that suit you and your community, therefore bringing them up should be easy. However, it’s not always possible to bring up brands naturally. We’ll go over some great passive ways to advertise later on in this post.

Social Media

Brand Promotion on Twitter

Allie uses Twitter to promote WPEngine

Twitter and Instagram are easy ways to reach a large number of people with minimal effort. Posts with a clear photo of the product, a short description of your ties to it, your affiliate¬†link, and a clear disclosure are some of the easiest ways to promote. Keep track of your account’s impressions, and make a note of what time of day you have the most interaction. Be sure to stick to those hours. If that poses an issue, there are several services that allow you to schedule social media posts days in advance. This lets you spend a small amount of time making several posts, while covering your social media for an extended period of time.

Much like Twitter and Instagram, Discord servers are another avenue for brand promotion. Posting media featuring the brands, along with your links in a personal server is a slightly more intimate way to advertise to your community, than other social media. Create a channel for the specific brands, and encourage the server’s members to share their positive experiences with the brand/products. Another idea is to feature a channel for deals, and keep people informed when one of the advertisers is having a sale, or releases a promo code.

Passive Advertising

It’s not always easy to bring up brands when talking to your community. Even when you partner with the best brands for you, there can be moments when advertising just doesn’t fit. That’s when passive advertising gets the job done, without distracting from your content.

Thai's Paradise Fibers Panel

Thai’s Paradise Fibers Panel

Static Page Panels

If your site has panels that show important information to your community, they are the perfect spot to feature advertisers. Having one that features a logo, that links to your personal affiliate page, with a small description is a way to constantly advertise. If the panels are easily updated, feature sales when they happen, as a way to drive traffic.

Timed Pop Ups

While streaming live content, your screen is a commodity. Placing a small, noticeable, yet not overly distracting, brand logo in the corner creates a visual ad that you don’t need to think about. Be sure to space the pop ups out enough, that it’s not a constant on your stream. Also, if you have more than one brand, don’t have them cycle immediately after one another. Give each brand some breathing room, otherwise they get lost in the shuffle.

Timed Bot Commands

Lady Aderissa's Bot Command

Lady Aderissa’s Bot Command

If your live streams feature a chat, there’s a good chance you have a chat bot. These bots allow for timed commands. Create one for each brand, and stagger them out. This way, every x amount of minutes, or lines of chat, a written advertisement with a link will pop up. Be mindful of your chat, and how it moves. You don’t want your bot to dominate the chat with ads, if things are slow.


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