Using a Website to Capitalize on Sales and Your Own Brand

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Why You Should Build a Website

One of the most beneficial things a content creator can do for themselves is build a website. Your Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram pages get the conversation started, and you want to immediately push people from those platforms over to your website. In your own space, you can engage your community on your own terms. Having a “one stop shop” for all things related to you and your content provides an easy place to sell yourself as a creator and influencer.

How it Helps Grow Your Partnerships with Advertisers

A website allows you to showcase advertisers that you’ve partnered with. You can write up profiles, showcase products, and deals. Plugins like WooComerce (on WordPress) can allow you to create “stores” on your site that lead to the products on the advertiser’s site, while using your affiliate links. This can help showcase specific items, like a PC setup, streaming gear, or supplies needed for craft projects.

Featuring Your Streaming Content

If you create content on Twitch or Youtube, you want to draw viewers to those channels. Feature your best videos and clips on your website to advertise your channels. You can maximize the potential crossover by sticking to a schedule, as well. While you should keep the majority of community discussion to your Discord server (if you don’t have one, read about why you should here), be sure to also sell the community you’ve built. People who happen upon your site may very well never have found your stream, therefore everything that you post about your channels should be geared toward bringing new people in.

Connecting on a Personal Level

When you build a website, it offers another window into your community. You can share information about your life outside of the content you’re creating. It’s almost like a behind-the-scenes look at your production. Talk about and showcase your other hobbies. If you’re a parent, and you feel comfortable, discuss that part of your life. Give a glimpse into your day job.

You can use this area of the site to promote brands that may not fit gaming/creative content. Your stream may not have a place for a housewares advertiser, while your website may.¬†Viewers will pigeon-hole content creators, therefore showing that you’re a complete person only strengthens your brand.

*Links marked with an asterix are paid links.

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