Can you have too many affiliate links?

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Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, are affiliate links one of those? If you need a refresher on what affiliate links are, check out our post here. With over 100 affiliate links on our website for you to sign up for, can you have too many affiliate links?

Well, kind of. Let’s look into it a little deeper. Now, streaming is a unique world in the influencer industry. When you see blogs or instagram posts, they take many pictures to get the right one. They spend hours writing and rewriting sentences so it sounds perfect. With streaming, eyes are on you from the word go. There are no retakes or do-overs.

A lot of your viewers, your community, come to your stream to watch you. Whether it is playing a game, cooking, crafting, just chatting, or anything in between, they are there to see you create. With affiliate links, using them successfully requires effort on the influencer. If you have ten affiliate links and you are trying to promote them all at all times, well, your stream may lose the reason people came to watch you.

Now, you can definitely sign up for as many affiliate links as you want, the key is how you promote them. Having fifty different panels on your stream for links is going to look crowded. Things are going to get lost in the mix. If you truly feel you have a connection or a place for fifty links, let’s go over how you can manage them.

First off, only talk about a few on stream at a time. Maybe you do a painting stream. Pick a few links that relate to that, whether it is supplies or maybe frames. You can change your panels (yes this will require work) to have just those two present, plus your commands. Now, the great thing about commands is that they are always there. So if conversation naturally flows to your love of tea and you have a link, go ahead and do the command. Picking a few each stream to focus on will help you sound more authentic and won’t overwhelm you audience. Yes switching panels every stream does take some effort, but it will keep things looking neat.

Finally, you want to pick links that are genuine to you. With over 100 links on Bottlespark to choose from, you can sign up for anything from make-up to coffee to food to clothes to, well, a lot of different categories. It is easy to click accept on all of them, because you never know who might use it. However, when it comes to promoting, people can usually see through when you are forcing it.

So, can you have too many affiliate links? No. But, you can have too many that you are promoting at once. So go ahead and sign up for the custom aprons link, however, that may not be one that gets much spotlight when it comes to your panels or your stream. Picking links that represent you and your community to promote will help you be able to easily talk about them, and your community connect with them. As always, make sure you are disclosing that you benefit from the link!

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