Carrol Lee on Bottlespark: Ignite

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Last week on Bottlespark: Ignite, we featured Carrol Lee.  Carrol is a self-proclaimed geek and a former account manager.  Her specialty was in affiliate programs.  She has also worked with the Performance Marketing Association. She was a part of their publisher recruitment council for four years.  They were formed to support the affiliate industry and are actively engaged in both the influencer and advertising spaces (29:13.)

Carrol Lee

How important are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are performance-based and drive sales for a company.  They put money in the pockets of influencer based on how well they push sales towards an affiliate link.  Affiliate programs should account for 10% to 15% of a companies annual revenue (11:22.)  However, these programs are important for influencers.  They are a great way to get your foot in the door with a company.  Sometimes it is hard to find the right contact person in a company.  They usually provide contact information when accepted into an affiliate program.

How do affiliate programs help grow a future relationship?

These programs can help show your loyalty to a company.  Some of the normal metrics used to evaluate influencers don’t transfer to Twitch.  An affiliate program would track your progress and give you metrics.  These metrics can help you grow a relationship with a company.  These programs can help prove you are willing to do performance-based work (33:18.)  Which can help prove you are serious about a brand.

Other topics we covered with Carrol Lee during the podcast include:

  • What is an Alexa rating? (16:43)
  • How to stand out with account managers (36:08)
  • Fixed price vs. affiliate campaign (13:32)
  • The relationship between influencers and advertisers (39:12)

Last thoughts

Carrol’s also advises to just ask.  The worst you can hear is no, which she explained how to handle (45:13.) Another thing is to make sure you have a social media presence.  This can mean being active on multiple platforms or starting a website. Above all else, be genuine.  It is important to be yourself when dealing with an advertiser.

You can watch the podcast here.