The Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting on Social Media

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One of the greatest tools an influencer has to promote is social media. The other side of that coin, is that if not done correctly, social media can harm an influencer just as much as help them.

The Do’s of Social Media

Thumbs up on Social Media


First and foremost, you have to disclose that you’re an affiliate or sponsored by an advertiser. If someone interacts with the link and you benefit (be it pay per click, or a commission from sales) you must make that clear. While some may argue that it’s annoying to do, or that it looks bad, your community has a right to transparency. The moment you enter into a partnership with an advertiser, you have a duty required by law, to disclose that relationship.

Finding Your “Prime Time”

Every social media following is unique. Your community will be more active at certain hours of the day. Depending on time zone, school, work, or even the time of year, if you track your interactions, you’ll see when your followers are more active. Once you nail down the times your interactions spike, you can get the most eyes on your posts.

Know Your Audience

Getting to know your community will help you know where to post. Your Twitter followers and Instagram followers, while having some overlap, are often very different. Take the time to learn how your communities differ. For instance, your Instagram followers may be more receptive to clothing and household goods, and your Twitter followers may be more likely to buy games and pop culture goods. Having the best understanding of your followers allows you the best chance for interaction.


Humans are visual creatures, even more so on social media. Your post needs to stand out among the timeline of anyone scrolling through. If you’re taking photos of products you’re partnered with, make them clean, and eye catching. Mind the lighting and the background in every shot. If you’re not using pictures of the advertiser/product, be careful if using gifs or funny videos. Choose one that has a broad appeal, and is objectively amusing, not something only a niche following will understand.


The Don’ts of Social Media


The Broken Record

If you find that your post isn’t getting much interaction, the answer isn’t to keep posting every few minutes until someone interacts. If someone goes to your profile, and every tweet is promoting a brand, it looks desperate. Social media needs to be a window into your personality, not at 280 character billboard. Space your posts out, and be sure to allow yourself to shine through.

Well, I Thought it was Funny

Being humorous on social media can be tricky. If you’re going to promote advertisers, you won’t find much success if you offend or alienate part of your following. Dark humor, or jokes that target race, orientation, or religion should never be used, if you intend to represent advertisers on your account.

Keep Your Dirty Laundry Private

Social media won’t be successful without at least a dash of your personal life, but it’s fine line between sharing and over sharing. Personal grievances rarely have a place on an account used to promote advertisers. There’s an old saying, “What other people think of me, is none of my business”. Keep that in mind, because responding to every person who says something negative does much more harm than good. Your personal relationships are also an area that you need to be cautious with. Blasting your significant other publicly is a horrible look. On the flip side, don’t allow them to fight your battles. Emotions run high, and your image becomes tarnished.


In conclusion, the majority of the do’s and don’ts of social media boil down to common sense. If you think what you’re about to post will cause an issue with someone, don’t.


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