Gaming Sponsorship

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Gaming Sponsorship

gaming sponsorship

One of the most common things streamers look for in making money off of their streams, is a gaming sponsorship. Many people see the most popular streamers featuring brands on their content, and want to start doing the same. Before you start reaching out, here are some important points to keep in mind.

What Does it Take to get a Gaming Sponsorship?

Companies are selective with who they sponsor. When they pay someone to advertise them, they have to foresee a return on their investment. As a result, companies will often have tiered levels of partnership. Your return grows as you prove your ability to sell the brand and products. Most of these tiered programs begin with an affiliate relationship between an influencer and the advertiser.

Affiliate partnerships are quite common in gaming and streaming, and for good reason. An affiliate deal allows you to represent a company, with no risk. Therefore, it’s a great way to prove to an advertiser that you’re worth a gaming sponsorship. Affiliate partnerships are also a great way to earn additional income from your content, as well as any chance you have to bring the advertiser up.

Full gaming sponsorships are more rare than they may seem. When a company spends money on advertising, they don’t want their brand being shown to a small number of people. They want the most for their money. In terms of streaming, it’s rare to have a sponsorship from a large company without 1000’s of viewers. Some smaller companies may have easier requirements, but they still require 100’s of viewers, regularly.

Sponsorship vs Affiliation with Advertisers

There is a common misunderstanding among some streamers that having an affiliate link or code means that the advertiser sponsors them. This isn’t the case. A sponsorship would pay you for featuring an advertiser. Affiliates earn commissions off of sales, or off the number of individual clicks their link receives. A common phrase for advertiser affiliates to use as of late is being partnered with an advertiser.

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