How do you use an affiliate link?

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Now that you have checked what affiliate links are, what’s next? There is a ton of advice and articles out there geared towards bloggers on how to successfully use links, but how can you do that with live content?

What now?

Before selecting an affiliate link, sit down and make sure you have a good grasp on who your audience is, things you are passionate about, and your brand. It is much easier to work with some you know or enjoy than trying to fake it.

Once that is done and you have signed up, you can get your stream set up. First, you should set a command for the link. Keeping it simple is important. If you are working with a coffee company, you may want to have your command be that company’s name or !coffee. That way it is easy for you, or your mods, to put in chat. When making the command, you must disclose that you benefit from this link. We go over more details here on about how you should do this.

Next, you should look at utilizing your panels. Whether you have a landing page (like the Bottlespark Support page) or you have each one individually listed, make sure to put you links there. The nice thing about panels is when you’re offline, they are still there.

Finally, and most importantly, talking about them while you stream. This is why it is important to really sit down and figure out what type of companies or products would go over well with not only your community, but yourself and brand as well. Although anything can happen in a live setting, you can still brainstorm some ways to bring up the affiliate link. If you start your stream off with coffee and you have an affiliate link, you can talk about your thoughts on the coffee and mention that if people want to check out they can follow this link, and that is where you command comes in. Now, where as bloggers can tweak and work in the links how they want, doing it live is completely different. You can practice some phrases or ways to put it in there, or you can let it come naturally. Just please make sure you are always disclosing that you benefit from the link.

Now, there are other ways you can promote your links. Most streamers have some sort of a social media presence. Utilize it! You can be as subtle or as obvious as you want. Let the creativity flow because the options are endless for how you can use your links.

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