Influencer Store

Get Support From Your Community!

Each influencer on Bottlespark gets a store page to where you can direct your community to support you through their ordinary shopping.

This page is customizable and configurable so you can include any text and advertisers you want.

Link to this page through your channel’s panels and chat commands. With people doing their shopping online anyway, give your viewers a way to support you!

Your bio in your bottlespark settings appears at the top of the page, and any advertisers you join in the Offers page will show here.

You’ll find the link to your store on the upper right of just about every page in Bottlespark.

If there are advertisers you’d like to us to offer, let us know.

We’ll have more features to come; stay tuned!

To get started, log in to your Bottlespark account or register if you don’t have one already.