Mike Cervantes is a graduate of creative writing and communication from The University of Texas at El Paso. He is a humorist, a cartoonist, a steampunk enthusiast, a regular contributor to Denver's many local conventions, and just a swell person besides. He writes and publishes stories featuring his steampunk hero characters "The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay" regularly on his website, The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay is an ongoing web-based superhero fiction series which began in 2013 about a pair of married superheroes in the Victorian era. Since its inception, the series has spanned 2 lite-novels, 4 comic book issues, a running YouTube series and an ongoing streaming presence on Twitch. As a supporter, your money would assist in taking the series to a new level: creating a semi-animated online action-adventure series for YouTube and a musical radio drama to be released on Bandcamp. Your funds will largely be used to give fair compensation to individuals participating in the upcoming projects, such as voice actors, and music designers.


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