Jamie Lieberman on Bottlespark: Ignite

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Last week on Bottlespark Ignite, we featured Jamie Lieberman partner and founder of Hashtag Legal.  Hashtag legal is a purely virtual law firm that specializes in influencer marketing.  They have lawyers all over the country that help make their work easy and accessible.  She is also a co-host of a podcast, Businessese.  We brought her on to demystify the FTC and answer your questions.

Jamie Lieberman

What does disclosing mean?

Jamie stressed the importance of having “clear and conspicuous disclosures [9:36]” when it comes to receiving products or sponsorships.  This can be done in many ways, but Jamie does this through her “mom test.”  If her mother, who uses a flip phone and is in her 70s, can clearly understand that a tweet or link is sponsored, then you have passed.  Also, make sure you are disclosing that something is free.  A simple, “I got this for free and these are my opinions,” will let your audience know and help cover FTC guidelines.

What about giveaways?

She also stressed the importance of making sure if you do giveaways, they are sweepstakes as opposed to lotteries.  Sweepstakes should allow for some kind of “no purchase necessary [25:25]” entry, but, you can gain entries through other means (like being a subscriber).  Since your Twitch audience can be worldwide, you want to make sure to add some fine print.  A good suggestion would be making sure that contests are 18+ and mentioning that this may be void where prohibited.  This will put it up to your audience to know if they are eligible.

Other topics we covered with Jamie Lieberman during the podcast include:

  • LLC’s why everyone should have one if they are creating content or a business [1:05:45]
  • Should you report violations to the FTC [34:05]
  • Does the FTC care about me [21:33]?

You can watch the vlog here or listen to the episode at most of your podcast listening places.  Bottlespark Ignite records live every Wednesday at 8:30 pm EDT.  You can also check out more information about FTC Guidelines and how they affect influencers on Twitch.