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Paradise Fibers

Based in Spokane, Washington, Paradise Fibers is a one stop shop for knitting, crocheting, felting and weaving. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, their vast selection, and their fair prices make them a destination for crafters. A quick search of their reviews shows that people drive hours to get a chance to browse the spacious store. The historic architecture adds to the artisan feel of the store, and the building itself is a character in this shop.

Customers can buy weaving supplies made in Paradise Fiber’s own wood shop. Paradise Fibers customers have access to wooden supplies crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Spinning wheels are their specialty, therefore, their custom, high end spinning wheel , “The Revolution Spinning Wheel”, is a must buy! Owner, Bill Romine builds the wheels, and his passion is evident in each one.

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The Fiber of the Month Club is yet another reason Paradise Fibers stands out. Unique fibers are sent to its members every month, which are then spun into specialty yarns. Members also get a 10% discount on all regularly priced fiber, and consequently, often wind up paying for the membership in discounts.

Paradise Fibers offers fibers from all over the world, in one convenient place. The store boasts yak down, silk, beaver wool and hemp. The shelves are stocked with seaweed fiber, bamboo, cashmere, rose fiber, and camel as well. After you have your fibers, you’ll find everything you need to use them. The in stock supplies include knitting needles, spinning wheels, patterns, and crochet hooks. Plus, there’s an inventory of how-to DVDs and books to help you. Classes are available if you need a hands on approach to learning, as well.

Online Resources

Customers who can’t make it to Spokane can find everything they need on at the Paradise Fibers online store. The website is easy to navigate, and brings the store to your fingertips. Shopping is a breeze with the intelligent design of the categories, and as a result, customers keep coming back. The online store also offers live chatting with staff, if you have any questions about products.

Their blog is another great resource for crafters. You can find countless projects featured, as well as tutorials on knitting and spinning. The posts will most certainly inspire your next project. Most of all, the blog is engaging. Anyone who appreciates fiber arts could easily spend hours browsing it’s pages. The blog is especially relevant for creatives who post on Instagram and other social media sites. It provides a wonderful example of how to showcase projects, therefore giving even more instruction.

How our Influencers Promote Paradise Fibers

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The best equipped to promote this company are influencers who regularly create yarn crafts and feature them on social media, or live stream the process. Social media platforms are wonderful tools to reach out to the community and showcase not only finished crafts, but sales on the site, and specialized products. One post can easily garner thousands of impressions, which lead to sales.

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Influencers who live stream their creations on sites like Twitch have added ways to advertise. Many streamers have “chat bots” in their channels. A great feature of the majority of these bots is the feature to add “timed commands”. A text message with a brief description of the company, and an affiliate link will pop up every set amount of minutes, or lines of text. Another opportunity is a permanent panel in the information section of the channel.

In conclusion, Paradise Fibers is a wonderful resource for anyone who works with fiber and yarn. Their knowledgeable staff, and product selection make them a company that Bottlespark is proud to partner with. If you’d like to join our influencers, and potentially partner with Paradise fibers, see our contact page.

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