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Do you struggle with getting your products into the hands of influencers? Influencers need to try product before they can feel good promoting it.

Dealing with large numbers of influencers is a problem that we solve every day at Bottlespark.

What is Sparkbox?

The Sparkbox is a one-off and monthly subscription box that delivers your product into the hands of influencers on Twitch and other live streaming platforms.

This sets you up with happy influencers who have your product in-hand to experience and fall in love with. They can then promote your product with ongoing placement and performance deals. Once we’ve primed the network with your product, we’ll work with you and them to keep them promoting.

Bottlespark does the hard work of matching influencers with products based on their interests, shipping it, and ensuring that your product gets featured on stream when they open it.

Influencers receive this product in exchange for consideration and promoting the contents. They do not pay to receive the box.

We encourage giveaway coupons in addition to product (or instead of product in the monthly Sparkbox) which the influencer can use to give product to their audience, even if the product isn’t for them. This engages the audience further, and typically results in multiplying the exposure times the number of giveaways provided as they would be done over a number of streams.

All you have to do is provide product in any quantity and a per-product fee. And we’ll do the rest.

We have two boxes available, Sparkbox Premium and Sparkbox Monthly.

Sparkbox Premium is a one-off sponsored box that gets your products directly to hand-selected influencers. We will do an interest request specific to your brand or product to ensure that the people receiving your product are interested and on board to receive and promote it.


  • Your branding on the box
  • Only your product in the box, plus optional giveaway coupons to be given out on stream.
  • Marketing materials
  • Pre-education of influencers prior to receiving the product to ensure best live promotion for the box opening.
  • Tracking links and coupon codes to measure performance
  • You send us product, we do the rest.

Price: $50/box, includes recruitment, shipping, and materials. Minimum: 20 products.

Sparkbox Monthly is a monthly box that goes out to hundreds of influencers and content creators on live streaming platforms like and Mixer.

Sparkbox Monthly has up to 5 products in it which influencers will open on stream in an unboxing session like it’s Christmas morning, featuring your product and an ad-read to go along with it.

  • Your product in the box and/or giveaway coupons
  • Printed marketing materials and ad-read copy
  • Categorized placement to help ensure interest
  • Landing page with links to measure performance
  • You send us product, we do the rest

Price: $10/box, minimum 50 products.

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