Steve Orillion on Bottlespark: Ignite

Published by Amanda Nisius on

This week on Bottlespark: Ignite we will be interviewing Steve Orillion.  Steve is the Senior Partnership and Community Manager for Memory Express.  Not only is he involved in influencer management (and has been for two years) but he also is a creator himself.  He is the eSports and Youtube personality for Memory Express.  An open book that you can ask any question, but be warned, you may not like the answer as he will give it to you straight.  He also loves video games, his cat children, and prides himself on beating the Ace Combat games on AceMode.

Steve believes that influence managers are there to identify not only the best of the best but those growing as well.  Sometimes, the biggest streamer isn’t always the best.  Small to medium tier creators have a lot to work with.  Companies are able to provide more support and the creator is able to get more out of the relationship.  Steve personally enjoys working with these creators because of the amount of support they are able to drop into them.  They are also very dedicated and have a die-hard fanbase that wants the creators to succeed.

Join us Wednesday, September 19th at 8:30 EDT on our Twitch channel to talk to Steve.  We will also be taking your questions for him and answering them on the show!