Twitch Prime Changes Key Perks

Published by Amanda Nisius on

In September 2016, we found out that Twitch Prime was launching. This was part of the continuing collaborations between Twitch and Amazon.  Twitch announced amazing perks to be included in your Amazon Prime membership.  These included such things as free games and in-game items, a free subscription per month to your favorite streamer, and the ability to have an advertisement (ad) free experience on Twitch.

This is about to change completely.  Twitch just announced that they were removing one of these perks.  You will no longer be able to enjoy the ad-free experience that comes with your Prime membership.  Wait, don’t despair, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Now for the viewers, this means you will have to watch an advertisement before you hope into a stream.  Where this may seem like a slight inconvenience, it will help the people you most enjoy watching.  How?  Twitch Partners earn revenue through ads.

Advertisements are a great cost-free way you can support Twitch Partners.  Partners have always had the ability to play an ad mid-stream.  However, with this change, anyone who pops into their stream will have to watch an ad.  This means Twitch Partners will get a little extra in their payouts.

However, people have started to discuss how “little” that “little extra” will be.  Before was bought by Twitch, sources say that the standard payouts were $3.50 CPM for advertisements.  CPM is defined as “Cost per Thousand” thousand advertisement impressions.  It has been speculated that Twitch probably kept a similar formula.  Since Partnered streamers only need 75 concurrent viewers to be considered for partnership, the math does not look good for smaller streamers.

Now, there is a valid concern out there for Partners with this change.  Many Partners are hosted or raided by other streamers.  With this change, those viewers coming over may miss out on thanks or gratitude.  Partners should keep this in mind when acknowledging hosts or raids.

With this change, there is speculation that Affiliates may soon get the perk of advertisement payouts that Partners already enjoy.  People are also speculating that Amazon could see a decline in subscriptions.  Bottlespark started a poll on Twitter to see what people’s thoughts were on these changes.  Although 51% of those polled said they were still keeping Twitch Prime, 30% were considering dropping Twitch Prime due to these changes.

At the end of the day, both Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime offer many other great perks for their members.