Advertiser Partners: How Twitch Streamers Promote

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On Twitch, streamers have a number of unique methods to promote their advertiser partners.

In-Stream Mentions

Like a podcast, influencers mention their advertiser partners during the course of their broadcast. Here’s a clip from a several-hour-long stream.

This is the most powerful promotional method, supported by the other methods below. When streamers directly talk about their advertiser partners, we see the highest conversion. This is by far the best method to promote a product on Twitch.

Panels for Advertiser Partners

Twitch gives streamers a profile page that they can customize with any information they want. Panels are a section of the profile page and they can be anything, including a promotional placement:

A good advertiser partners panel.

Chat Bots

Twitch has a live chat session on the right side of the screen where viewers actively communicate with the streamer. Typically, the streamer responds in the live stream by talking, and they can use chat bots and commands that post messages to the chat. Think macros or a sound-board for a DJ. Here’s an example of a promotional post in chat, either on a timer, or when the streamer types a quick command:

A good advertiser partners chat command.

Click here to see the clip of this in action. Because she has chat on the video AND the normal Twitch chat, the call to action can be seen in multiple places on multiple platforms, even if the embedded chat is unavailable. Also remember that the more creative a call-out is, the more effective it will be.

Best Practices

At Bottlespark, we’re long-time digital marketers, and as a result, we know what advertiser partners are looking for in good influencers. In conclusion, we try to bridge that connection and bring people together for a win-win relationship.

We actively coach our influencers in things like disclosure and FTC policies, brand requirements, and advertiser-specific terms and conditions.

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