What are Affiliate Links?

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One of the common ways that Bottlespark works with companies is through affiliate links. These links are one way for you to make money and start buliding a relationship with a company. Bottlespark has several active affiliate links with a variety of companies, but what exactly are affiliate links and how do they work?

How do you get a link?

Every company is different with how they handle their affiliate program. Most of them will have some sort of application for you to fill out. When applying, you should check the FAQs to see if there are specific requirements. Some companies may require you to be a certain size, family friendly, or only available on certain platforms. When filling out the application, make sure you are being honest. Websites such as SullyGnome can show your stats from as far back as a year ago.

How do they work?

Each affiliate will have a unique link that gives them credit for a purchase. When you click on the link, it directs you to the website, but it will give credit to the affiliate if anything is purchased. Most affiliate links utilize cookies. What this means is if you click on a link, but don’t decide to buy something, the cookie will stay active (typically for 30 days) in your browser. If you go back to that site in a week and then buy something, the affiliate will still get credit. Something to keep in mind is if you are using AdBlock, this can wipe the tracking required for this process to work. You can read more about that in our previous post here.

Why should you use them

According to NPR, 28% of US shoppers make online purchases at least once a month. For streamers, your audience is already online watching your stream. If you have an affiliate link to something they may want or need, they are just a click away from helping you as well. As always, when using a link you want to make sure you are disclosing that you will get some sort of compensation. You can find out more information here on ways to disclose and why it is required.

Affiliate links are a great way for you to start working with a company usually with minimum hassle or requirements. They will help you start to build a relationship with a company which may lead to great things down the road.

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